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These Delphiniums are individually made from fused glass, with each flower  cut out and placed on backing glass to create the effect of the delphinium flower, they each stand approximately 135cms attached to a steel rod. Each flower uniquely crafted.

The set of 3 can stand alone or in amongst greenery to give colour all year round.

3 Delphiniums

£150.00 Regular Price
£145.00Sale Price
  • The Blue Delphiniums are able to withstand frost and snow. When installing please make sure that they are placed into the ground securely. The Delphiniums are designed to allow for movement so they gently sway in a breeze, as real flowers do, but please do not place them too close to each other or anything that they can hit or knock against. If it gets very windy we find its best to take the flowers off the metal rod so they don't hit each other or other objects

    To clean, take the flower off the metal stand and wash in warm soapy water.

    Please note the flowers may differ slightly from the picture due to being individually made.

  • Free

    Please see policy on returns and cancellations

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